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Tap for Joy! May 25, 2014

"Great show, well written, entertaining, by far your best."

~ Marlene

"Best show ever, Tim!  Kudos for all the hard work and planning you put into it."

~ Shelly

"...James and I and Jeanette and Bill... were there and we super enjoyed it.  Thanks for putting it together. ...we all loved the show!" 

~ Kaeren

"That was a great production.  I was thoroughly entertained, and judging from the audience’s response, I was not the only one."

~ Beya

"What an amazing array of dances and talent in this show.  Would love to have a dvd if they become available."


~ Gail

Spring Follies ~ April 2013

My husband and I attended the Spring Follies in April and we were pleasantly surprised.  The show was wonderful with talented performers.  The pace of the acts locked our attention.  We have attended all the following shows and are looking forward to more. 

~ Jane and Jerry


Fall Cabaret~  November 2013

Sky and I did attend the Fall Cabaret with some friends and the show was so much fun!  Amazing the talent we have right here and your ability to bring it all together in a most entertaining way :) Love your dancing!!

~ Mary

Third Sunday Swing ~  October 21, 2012

"This event was amazing! The band was great, truly a talented group of musicians... and Danny Quintero... wow, what a voice!"

~ Cheri Swenson

“What a great time I had... one of the best bands I've seen... by far the best dance for swing I've been to in years!" 

~ Tom Wilber

"Awesome event... FABULOUS"

~ Jessie Sawyers

"...It is always a pleasure to watch people doing the things that they love the most. Third Sunday Swing was a magical night filled with captivatingly talented performers. Tim Hickey and Nickel Pot Joe transport you back to the Golden Age with music that is sure to make you dance the night away. Danny Quintero has a phenomenal voice that is sure to earn him a spot in history next to one of the greats. The wonderful tap performance was a testimonial to Tim Hickey's expertise and love for dance..."

~ Maryska Valentine 

Graphic Designer

"It was wonderful... the music was excellent.. we will be back for sure each month!"

~Laurie Duffy

Spring Follies ~
 April 11, 2012

     “Congratulations!!!  What an entertaining and enjoyable show !  I was there with my daughter and we enjoyed it immensely!  You did a wonderful job of including a wide variety of very talented members of our senior community along with great humor. I loved the way you invited the audience to participate and really brought the stage to us. There was one number that had a profound impact on me. I`ll tell you about it one of these days. Meanwhile, I hope you do this again. It was absolutely fabulous!"                                        ~AAnita                                                                                     Anita Monnot

“I loved your show, and so did my daughter! .... I didn't get a chance then to tell you how much we both enjoyed ourselves, especially me, because I knew a little more about the process of creating the whole event!  You made it fun, and so many people were involved.”

~ Mary Lee Landerholm

Jazz It Up! Bobby II ~ November 10, 2011

“It was unbelievable...wonderful.  You do know how to bring good talent together.”

~ Susan Schwasnick

“Twas a fantastic night of top class entertainment. 

Thank you, Tim Hickey!! You da man!!

~ Stuart Chisolm

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the show, as did the rest of the audience who were so engaged that many of them were half out of their seats!”

~ Teanna Kordel

“Amazing show.. TRULY FABULOUS..!! Can't wait for the next one. 

It's such a remarkable treat to be in the presence of such wonderful talent. “

~ Heidi Hall O’Dell

“Very cool.   Was a great show, I loved it.”

~ Teresa Lyons

“It was AWESOME... My parents are still talking about how great of a show it was.”

~ Susan Raunig

“What a wonderful evening and tribute to Bob Hammer's talents and contributions to the world!  A great show with so many dedicated and talented musicians and dancers.”

~ Diane Kirkwood

Jazz It Up! Bobby ~ July 28, 2011

“ I saw the last show (Jazz It Up! Bobby ) with my mother-in-law and my daughter. Three generations thought it was amazing.” 

~ Kristen Lane

“The music ... took me on a memorable voyage, filled to the brim with engaging and diverse pieces, each with a unique atmosphere rich in vibrant colors and energies that 

drew me into the mood of the song.”

~ Anabel Watson

Tap for Joy! May 25, 2011

“James and I truly enjoyed the ALWAYS put on a 

great show!”

 ~ Kaeren Fouts

“Your show was really great - so entertaining!!   I loved every single piece...  My husband was very impressed”

~ Gail Kaminishi

The production was nothing short of marvelous...every segment was different and oozing with real talent.”

~ Jim Lauinger

“My friends and family are still raving about the show... The talent, creativeness, musicality and energy----  first class.”

~ Marlene Lewis

“Just want to let you know how much I enjoyed the show last Wednesday...fantastic job!”

~ Marilyn Finnila

Reviews for Tim J Hickey

“Tim Hickey as Andy Lee has a solo dance in, ‘We’re in the Money,’ a tour de force, backed up by a dizzying display of dance pyrotechnics.”    Gary M. Harke –Utica NY Observer Dispatch 

“…Tim Hickey executes some intricate routines with a rapidness that would please Gene Kelley an Donald O’Connor.”    Anne B. Bennett Bellport News NY 

“Hickey was a natural. His ease of movement set the stage for tap dancing numbers, which held pure excitement.”  Beth Brethtensky Dominion Post WV 

“Tim Hickey, is the strongest of the tappers, playing the role of the dance captain…”

    J.P. Furst News Tribune Duluth, MN

“...the infectious "David Danced (Before the Lord With All His Might)," on which the SRJO features tap dancer Tim Hickey, is "Come Sunday" at buck-and-wing tempo.”     

Paul de Barros (1999)

Ellington even included a part for a tap dancer, performed here by Tim Hickey. Over the two-beat David Danced Before the Lord With All His Might, Hickey delivers an incredible display of percussive tap, sounding rhythmically like a snare drum in a second-line New Orleans ensemble.    Evan Dobbins - Jazz Radio 247

“Tap dancer Tim Hickey taps mightily on the appropriately named David Danced Before the Lord With All His Might."     Jay Thomas - SRJO News (2003)

"Tap dancer Hickey on the dynamic "David Danced Before the Lord with All His Might, Daniels on an ardent second version of the prayerful "Come Sunday. Eskridge, Hickey and the chorus join the orchestra on the soulful finale, 'Praise God and Dance.'” 

Jack Bowers (2005)

"Tim Hickey has energized our audiences for many years with his creative and entertaining tap dancing. His is a vital role in our annual Concert of Sacred Music by Duke Ellington, and Seattle audiences look forward with delight to seeing him back each and every year."    

Mike Brockman – Conductor/Co-Director of Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra (2005)